About Keisha

I'm Keisha Clark.  I have several working titles - Psychic, Intuitive, Body Whisperer, Sound Alchemist, Animal Communicator, Podcast Host, Best Selling Author, Performing Artist and Inspirational Speaker.  I enjoy all of them; I love variety.  Each one is a privilege to me and represents a part of my journey.  I have learned that we are a beautiful menagerie of energies and that we can allow all of them to contribute to 'the thing' we do.
I communicate with all energies - people, bodies, animals, nature, spirits, and businesses, to name a few.  As a kid, that wasn't something I wanted to share with others (mainly for safety reasons); thankfully, I grew out of that.  I have mastered my ability to work simultaneously with the physical and non-physical realms.  I am Grateful that I get to blend all of my abilities in the coaching that I offer.  And I am Inspired by the people I get to work with.
Transformation absolutely Lights Me Up!  It is an Honor for me to be present for those moments a person has an awareness of a new possibility they can choose, and they choose it.
I have witnessed, explored and facilitated the inter-relationship between bodies and beings for three decades and I still marvel at what each can contribute to and create with the other.  This experience combined with my own personal journey has provided the foundation of what is now the work I joyfully get to play with as an Intuitive Living Coach and Sound Healer.
I share a bit of my story [below] to let you know a little more about my background, and to offer encouragement if you have been dealing with the intensities and awkwardness of getting acquainted with your own intuitive capabilities.  While they may make you feel 'different', they can also be the channel to your essence.  And if you allow yourself to explore that, you will have access to your true you, and your true power.



Learning to Let My Intuition Work for Me


It was a bit of a process for me to get to the point of acknowledging my intuitive abilities.  I spent a lot of years struggling with my intuition when it came to being around people.  I was much more at home in the company of nature and animals and my 'invisible friends'.  Yes, I did have friends in school.  It was just more complicated to deal with groups of people because the intensity of the energy was so awkward and uncomfortable for me.

I loved to sing and move my body, and that proved to be a great help in working through the intensity.  Thankfully, I found theatre as a young kid, and it was a wonderful outlet for me.  I loved performing.  I was actually pretty good at it.  And it allowed me a way to express and process energy through different mediums.  I didn't realize it at the time, but my theatre experience also helped me hone my abilities to distinguish different energies.  This would prove invaluable as I started to explore my capabilities with spirit communication and bodywork, as a young adult.

"So I'm not just imagining this - Whew!"

I put a lot of effort into trying to make my reality look and feel like the one I saw other people having.  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do it.  I experienced my life and the world in a very different way from what I heard and saw other people experiencing.  For me, the physical world was only part of the experience.  For me, there was a whole lot more going on with the energy, the non-physical world, and yet people weren't really noticing or talking about that.  So I had plenty of times that I wondered if I was imagining this other world; if I was just making it up to make myself feel better. The funny thing is, many of those times I would be wondering about it, I was comforted by my spirit friends and reminded they were not things that I had made up in my head.  Then they would show me something I had been asking about, like finding something I thought I had lost, or something I had been asking for would show up 'by surprise'.  And it helped me know though I did have a healthy imagination, my experience with the non-physical was very real for me.

Everything amplified when I became a bodyworker in my early twenties.  Bodywork came naturally for me.  It was like peoples' bodies would just talk to me.  I discovered a whole new universe with bodies that added to my knowledge base and my intuitive capabilities; they became my teachers.  Working with people and their bodies allowed me to expand my work with the non-physical world.  And that in turn, allowed me to expand my work with people and their bodies.  It was amazing learning adventure and it continues to teach and inspire me today.

"Weird' as My New Normal

Even with all the awesomeness things I was experiencing through my twenties - my bodywork practice, adding various healing modalities and processes to my repertoire and diving into the personal development world - I was still largely resisting my intuitive abilities.  Really, I was still trying to play it safe.  My abilities - they were weird.  And yet, they came as naturally to me as breathing.  But I had resistance to really embracing them and living them out loud because I could not explain them to people.   It was a crazy-making conundrum!

"Normal" was a highly charged word for me, for most of my life up to that point.  I did not fit any of the boxes of normal.  I did not look like other kids in my school.  I did not process information like anyone else I knew.  I did not do pretty much anything in the way my peers did.  I didn't realize how deep that imprint was for me, until I started processing through my resistance to my intuitive abilities.  Once I tapped into that, I was able to look at it from a different point of view - that 'normal' actually had nothing to do with anyone else, it was really about my normal.  And my abilities, however weird they were to other people, were my normal!  Holy Cow! Weird was just normal for me - How cool is that?!

Tuning In and Allowing

As I began to play with this new perspective, I experienced more clarity and felt more connected more of the time.  I started to tune in to my abilities even more and let myself experiment with utilizing the information I received.  Sometimes it was awesome and sometimes it was awkward.  It was always interesting.  It was a process of learning to trust my intuition and my awareness, like building a set of muscles I had not learned how to use.  I met new teachers and mentors who gave me tools to fine tune my abilities.  And over the course of a few years, I became more willing and able to allow my intuitive abilities to work for me.

I continue to play with the practical application of using my intuitive abilities and letting them work for me.  Of course I have more ease in some areas and challenge in others, and as I said before, I like the variety.  Overall, things work better - timing, communication, people's receptivity to me or my work, projects - and there more vibrancy and vitality in my interactions.  I find that it is never about things working out for me at the expense of someone else.  Things actually tend to work better for all involved.  I just honor the information and follow the energy.  And even when there are some intense moments, it still works out.

There is a great kindness we give ourselves in learning to let our intuition work for us.  One of the things I love is that it our intuition is unique to each of us.  No two people experience it the same way.  And so, the journey and development of our intuition is unique for each of us as well.  I love the limitlessness of that - of discovering  the possibilities and the wonder of our weird.