When we are willing to re-member what we Know from our bones to our Soul - it is profoundly healing and empowering.  It is a beyond-cognitive, full-body-and-spirit experience.  It changes us.  And it allows us to change what isn't working - right here, right now.

What's Up in Your World?  Are You Desiring to:

  • Have a greater sense of who you are?
  • Feel better with and about your body?
  • Bring your body, self and Soul into greater alignment?
  • Start making You a priority in your life?
  • Build your trust in your intuitive abilities?
  • Know more about different lifetimes and the information they can offer you in this lifetime?
  • Develop your own abilities to communicate with animals, nature and/or spirits?

Keisha offers a variety of session options to facilitate these targets, and beyond.   And just in case you are wondering - You don't have to have a problem to have a reading or a session.  You can simply choose it for the joy of receiving new insight and awareness about whatever you would like to explore, whether that is your body, your business, relationships; anything, really.   You can experience dynamic growth in any session. 

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We are the Universe, seeking to know itself...
What are You ready to Know?

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